What You Will Learn

Modern Retailing has one objective: provide your customers with the convenient and transparent shopping experience they have come to expect from every industry. When you align that goal with the empowerment of your most important asset - your people - your customers will begin to take more stops of the buying process online and ultimately speed up the overall buying process. This course is designed to develop the key skills your sales force needs to effectively serve today's modern retailing customer.

  • Lead Management

    Car shoppers today use an increasingly wide array of channels in their individual buying journeys. Master the fundamentals of digital lead management and learn how to transform traditional follow-up into lead momentum & customer action.

  • Lead Engagement

    Learn how to identify unique buyer communication styles and apply proven techniques that increase engagement with each buyer style. On the path to becoming a lead engagement specialist, discover your own communication style.

  • Customer Experience

    Learn how to deliver an exceptional buying experience with a foundational understanding of buyer stages and the communication strategies that empower & motivate your customers to take the next step towards purchasing from you.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Modern Retailing Foundations for Success

    • Serving Today's Customers

    • Knowledge Check

    • What is Digital Retailing?

    • Knowledge Check

    • Serve Don't Sell Mentality

    • Knowledge Check

    • Becoming a DR Champion

    • Knowledge Check

  • 02

    Modern Lead Management

    • Traditional Internet Leads vs Digital Leads

    • Digital Lead Process & Follow-Up Tactics

    • Knowledge Check

    • How to Respond - Time & Quality

    • Constructing Effective Email Responses

    • Knowledge Check

    • How to Deliver a Remote Experience

    • Digital Leads Equal Quality Conversations

    • Knowledge Check

  • 03

    Nurturing Leads in Every Buying Stage

    • Providing Value in Micro-Moments

    • Knowledge Check

    • Awareness Stage: "What-car-is-best" Moments

    • Consideration Stage: "Is-it-right-for-me" and "Can-I-afford-it" Moments

    • Decision Stage: "Where-should-I-buy" and "Am-I-getting-a-deal" Moments

    • Knowledge Check

  • 04

    Communication Strategies that Drive Customer Engagement

    • Communication Foundations

    • Leveraging Digital Body Language

    • The Secret to Successful Communication

    • Knowledge Check

    • Know Your Customers - Serving All Buyer Types

    • Knowledge Check

    • Serving the Dominant Buyer

    • Serving the Expressive Buyer

    • Serving the Supportive Buyer

    • Serving the Analytical Buyer

  • 05

    Essential Skills for Serving Today’s Customer

    • Building Trust

    • Rapport Building Techniques

    • Knowledge Check

    • Listening Skills

    • Persuasion Skills

    • Knowledge Check

    • Infusing Empathy into Experiences

    • Handling Service Recovery

    • Knowledge Check

  • 06

    Modernizing Phone Call Processes and Skills

    • First Impressions

    • Information Gathering

    • Knowledge Check

    • Making Connections by Asking Great Questions

    • Communication Strategies for Call Handling Success

    • Advancing Callers to the Next Step

    • Establishing Next Steps

    • Practical Application - Role-play

    • Knowledge Check

  • 07

    Best Practices for Modernized Outbound Calling

    • Be Prepared

    • Verify

    • Get the Green Light

    • Knowledge Check

    • Introduce Yourself

    • Reason for Calling

    • Advancing the Customer to the Next Stage

    • Establishing Next Steps

    • Practical Application - Role Play

    • Knowledge Check

  • 08

    Handling Customer Concerns for Modern Retailing

    • Understanding Primary Concerns

    • Modern Retailing Selection Concerns

    • Modern Retailing Price Concerns

    • Modern Retailing Payment Concerns

    • Modern Retailing Down Payment Concerns

    • Modern Retailing Trade Concerns

    • Knowledge Check

  • 09

    Modern Retailing in the Showroom

    • New Floor Processes for Modern Retailing

    • Creating a Seamless Customer Experience

    • Using Technology to Create a Great In-Store Experience

    • Knowledge Check

  • 10

    Modern Retailing Sales Certification

    • Assessment

Meet Your Trainers

Instructor Bio:

Matt Lowery is the Director of Training for Proactive Dealer Solutions. He has worked with hundreds of dealerships over the last 6 years developing teams in business development, showroom process improvement, service lead optimization, and customer experience strategies.

Matt Lowery

Director of Training


"Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” ~ PAT PRESTON, DEALER PRINCIPAL, PRESTON SUPERSTORE

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