What You Will Learn

Modern Retailing has one objective: provide your customers with the convenient and transparent shopping experience they have come to expect from every industry. When you align that goal with the empowerment of your most important asset - your people - your customers will begin to take more stops of the buying process online and ultimately speed up the overall buying process.

  • Lead Management

    As consumers use an increasingly wide array of channels in their individual shopping journeys, automotive dealers need to improve lead management tactics to provide their customers guidance and information.

  • Process Management

    Despite all of the benefits, digitally transforming your dealership can be a complex project. Evolve & align your processes with your tools & technology to consistently deliver an overall exceptional customer experience.

  • Skills Development

    As dealership managers, you must NEW-skill employees to adapt to evolving expectations and optimize your greatest assets by ensuring that you're putting the right people in the right roles with the training they need to thrive.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Modern Retailing

    • Automotive Market Trends

    • Serving Today's Customers

    • What is "Digital Retailing"?

    • Knowledge Check

    • Establishing Goals for Modern Retailing

    • Defining Objectives for Modern Retailing

    • Knowledge Check

    • Developing Your Strategy: Key Components to Success

  • 02

    Structuring Your Dealership for Modern Retailing

    • A Top Down Approach to Change Management

    • Establishing Your Service Framework

    • Knowledge Check

    • Shaping the Environment and Culture of Your Dealership

    • How to Change When Change is Hard

    • Organizational Wide Communication - Driving New Goals & Objectives

    • Knowledge Check

  • 03

    Modern Lead Management for Managers

    • Lead Management Basics

    • Leveraging Better Quality Leads

    • Knowledge Check

    • Serve Don’t Sell Mentality

    • Serving Customers In Micro-Moments

    • Defining & Advancing the Stages of Digital Retailing

    • Knowledge Check

    • Measuring Modern Lead Performance

  • 04

    Turn Ideas into Implementation – Evolving and Aligning Processes

    • Operationalizing New Standards

    • Aligning Processes with Tools & Technology

    • Knowledge Check

    • Process Mapping for Digital Leads

    • Knowledge Check

    • Process Mapping for Inbound Calls

    • Process Mapping for Showroom Leads

    • Seamless Processes Create Omnichannel Customer Experiences

  • 05

    Optimizing Your Greatest Asset: Your People

    • “NEW” Skilling Employees – What’s Important Today?

    • Putting the Right People in the Right Roles

    • Digital Retailing Champion

    • Knowledge Check

    • Job Descriptions for Evolving Roles

    • Setting Performance Expectations

    • Follow-Up Processes that Improve Customer Engagement

    • Knowledge Check

    • Increase Close Rates Without Sacrificing Gross

  • 06

    Sustaining New Ways of Working

    • Putting Action into Action Plans

    • Create a Culture of Accountability

    • Leverage your Digital Retailing Tools and Technology 2.0

    • Recovering from Service Failures

Meet Your Trainers

Instructor Bio:

Lawson Owen is the founder and Managing Partner at Proactive Dealer Solutions. He is a thought leader in lead and process management and has been inspiring management teams for over 20 years. Lawson has helped to implement over 4,000 business development centers throughout the US and Canada.

Lawson Owen

Managing Partner

Meet Your Trainers

Instructor Bio:

Matt Lowery is the Director of Training for Proactive Dealer Solutions. He has worked with hundreds of dealerships over the last 6 years developing teams in business development, showroom process improvement, service lead optimization, and customer experience strategies.

Matt Lowery

Director of Training


"Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” ~ PAT PRESTON, DEALER PRINCIPAL, PRESTON SUPERSTORE

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