What You Will Learn

Customer Experience Management has become a top focus in the Automotive Industry for both OEMs and the most successful dealerships. Customer Experience starts with a great first impression and your receptionist should be your Director of First Impressions, setting the standard for every other interaction a caller has with your dealership.

  • Routing Best Practices

    Reduce the number of callers who do not reach their destination through proper call answering and routing processes.

  • Professional Greeting

    Learn how your pitch and tonality sound to the customer and how to professionally greet each customer with their individual needs in mind.

  • Warm Transfer

    Develop your skills in identifying the urgency of each caller's needs and how to make those individual needs are met regardless of who's on duty.

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Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • What is Business Development?

    • Serving Today's Customers

  • 02


    • Receptionist Role in Business Development

  • 03

    Best Practices

    • Greeting

    • Call Process

    • Identifying the Customer's Needs

    • Use a Warm Transfer

  • 04

    Course Completion Test

    • Concierge Skills


"Everyone in my store has been certified in the program including, and most importantly, all my managers. Our team better understands lead and process management and how to measure our success better than ever before.” ~ PAT PRESTON, DEALER PRINCIPAL, PRESTON SUPERSTORE

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